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Supporting Bilingualism During Early Childhood

This Webcast explores the topic of childhood bilingualism and how Early Childhood Educators can support bilingual children to develop their language and communication skills during the early years.

This Webcast aims to increase participants':

  • Understanding of the different terms and types of bilingualism during childhood.
  • Knowledge of various factors (individual, sociocultural and environmental) that influence language development among children learning more than one language during the early years.
  • Awareness of the benefits and advantages of bilingualism for children and their families.
  • Ability to identify and promote factors which support bilingualism during early childhood.

Dr Ruth Nicholls

Dr Ruth Nicholls is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia. Ruth has experience across a range of clinical, research and academic settings including public health, early intervention, private practice, education (primary, secondary and tertiary settings) and research project management. In 2009, Ruth completed a PhD through the Murdoch Children's Research Institute/Royal Children's Hospital/The University of Melbourne, which investigated language development among Australian bilingual children during the preschool years. Ruth has a special interest in child language development, particularly children who are learning to communicate in more than one language during the early years. Ruth previously worked as a Lecturer in Speech Pathology at The University of Melbourne and she is currently the Allied Health Clinical Education Lead at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.