Endometriosis:  Facts, Fiction and protocols – How to Treat it Effectively

When: Wednesday, 26th April 2017

What Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm AEST

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Your Host: Dr Andrew Orr

Cost: $45.00

CPE: 1.5 points

Dr Andrew Orr is a Reproductive Medicine and Women’s Health Medicine Specialist, with medical degrees with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters of Women’s Health. He has also lectured around Australia at various speaking events, workshops and women’s health retreats, talking to women about the Endometriosis and the importance of proper diagnosis and early intervention. His motto is that “Period Pain Is Not Normal” and his treatment motto is “Leaving No Stone Unturned”. 

At this event, Andrew will share his extensive knowledge covering the following:

• Tell you the Facts and Fiction with regards to Endometriosis
• Medical investigations, surgery and tests needed for diagnosis of endometriosis 
• How to interpret medical investigations and pathology
• Reference charts to use in clinic
• Protocols for the treatment and possible prevention of Endometriosis
• How to integrate complementary medicine into medical gynaecological treatment
• What complementary medicines, herbal medicines and supplements are needed for the treatment of endometriosis
• Help you to bring the best gynaecological treatment to your patients
• Show you how he has helped thousands of women around the world using his protocol for treating endometriosis
• How to write a proper referral letter to medical specialist and ensure ongoing patient care
• The importance of a Multimodality approach when treating Endometriosis. 

This is a unique opportunity to get to ask the questions that never get answered and also get to speak to one of the leading Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Specialists in the country. 

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About your presenter...

Dr Andrew Orr is one of Australia’s leading integrative medicine specialists who has a medical degrees with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters in Women's Health Medicine  (Medical). 

He is well known in both the medical and complementary medicine fields for all of his success and work with couples for Fertility and pregnancy. Andrew Orr has helped nearly 12,000 babies into the world with his unique fertility program combining Eastern, Western and Nutritional Medicine. He has been on national television programs and many local and state television shows for his successes with fertility and is known as “The Brisbane Baby Maker”.

 Andrew also specialises gynaecological conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS and treats all Women’s health issues. He is also very passionate and vocal about the area of Endometriosis and making sure people get the right information and treatments for this disease. 

Andrew is also a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Naturopath, a Nutritionist, and is an owner/Director of his own Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplement Company. 

Andrew Orr also lecturers to and mentors  Health Care Professionals, Specialists, Midwives, students and the general public on a regular basis.

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