Reversing Anaphylactic and Chronic Allergy States in your Patients Naturally

When: Tuesday, 20th June 2017

What Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm AEST

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Your Host: Giselle Cooke

Cost: $45.00

CPE: 1.5 points

We all have patients who suffer with allergies and many of us treat children and adults with life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to foods, environmental inhalants, chemicals and drugs. Although emergency medical treatment is essential for any serious allergic reaction, there is no satisfactory medical model for a treatment which reduces the allergic potential of the patient, relenting to the genetic basis of the disease. Only recently eight people died tragically of "thunderstorm asthma" in Melbourne, which may have been avoided by holistic allergy management, rendering these patients less seriously allergic and less likely to experience a lethal crisis.

Over more than three decades Giselle has been treating allergic patients from a Functional Medicine perspective. She has developed a clinical protocol for systematically downgrading anaphylactic risk in her patients, particularly in young children and infants without any risk to the patient, such as can occur with immunotherapy desensitisation protocols. Her approach involves prescribing herbal and nutritional medicines, with dietary allergen restriction and environmental allergen avoidance, to manage acute and chronic allergy states with impressive and satisfying results. 

This workshop will utilise Giselle’s extensive practical clinical experience with multiple case studies to highlight the importance of individual case management.  It will equip you with a broader understanding of how to manage allergic patients to achieve highly effective results and it will give you the confidence to take on more challenging cases from an integrative co-operative perspective with their medical practitioners for more effective results and rewarding collaboration. 

 In this interactive webinar you will:

•  Understand the pathophysiology of allergic disease, differentiating acute and chronic conditions and their evolution in allergic individuals

•  Defining the role of emergency medicine in managing serious allergic conditions, such as status asthmaticus

•  Explore the genetic basis of allergy and what epigenetic influences can downregulate expression of these genes

•  Identify the common provocation agents of histamine-mediated allergic reactions and how to avoid your patients' exposure to them

•  Understanding the functional medicine philosophy of managing allergic disease, as a multi-system dysfunction, affecting the immune system, liver, digestive tract, nervous system and the intestinal microbiome

•  Learn how to formulate in individualised integrative treatment protocol for allergic patients, addressing severe/acute reactions such as urticaria, chronic allergic diseases such as eczema and hay fever and complex allergy/sensitivity and stress-related disorders, such as migraine

•  Devise herbal formulations and nutritional protocols for both acute allergy management and long term treatment protocols for maintaining your patients allergy-free indefinitely.

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About your presenter...

Dr Giselle Cooke has practised holistic & integrative medicine since graduating from the University of NSW in 1979. After training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, western herbalism, nutrition and Ayurveda, she founded the multidisciplinary clinic, Pymble Grove Health Centre in 1989, which she directed until 2004. 

In 2003 she opened The Modern Apothecary, a natural pharmacy, herbal dispensary & teahouse, along with her holistic and preventive medicine practice. In 2009 she joined Lotus Dental/Lotus Health, an integrative centre where she currently practises as a holistic health consultant. 

Giselle is the author of two health books and innumerable health articles.  She has appeared extensively on national radio and TV programs over the past 25 years as a health expert. She lectured at universities and naturopathic colleges and delivered countless papers on CAM at national and international conferences. 

Giselle has served in an advisory capacity to government committees on CAM. She also served on the executive of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association, was convenor of Health Network Australia and spokesperson for the Complementary Health Care Council. 

In 2015 Giselle is undertaking Ph.D research in the area of male fertility at the University of Sydney. She is currently writing her first e-book.

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