Practically STEM

Presenter: Anita L'Enfant
Cost: $38.50

STEM, or STE(A)M, initiatives are a global focus in all education sectors at the moment, but what does STEM really mean in the Early Years? Join Anita L’Enfant, (long time educator, consultant, mother of two and passionate learner), for a practical look at STEM in your centre. You will get to know STE(A)M beyond the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics, learning about how to integrate the key components of STEM thinking - investigating, revisiting, computational thinking and design thinking processes. You will be invited to explore coding as a language of creativity and be given opportunities to reflect on your own STEM learning. Find out how to build on the STEM activities you didn’t even realise you were already doing!

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Anita L'Enfant

Anita L’Enfant is an educator with over 20 years of classroom experience and many years in education consulting. Anita’s mission is to transform education by empowering educators everywhere to foster child-centred learning and creativity using technology. Anita has a wealth of practice tips and educator short cuts for using technology well with young children. An early role included a UK ‘laptop for schools’ program and Anita has previously managed Datacom’s national team of educational leaders, held educator Techy Brekkies and parent Inspiration Evenings. Anita says her mission will be complete when ‘I no longer recognise the classroom I grew up in!’

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