Charging what you’re worth

When: Tuesday, 21st March 2017

What Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm AEDT

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Your Host: Jeff Shearer

Cost: $45.00

CPE: 1.5 points

In most cases the health care practitioner arrives in the world of practice with a desire to help people with their pain and suffering, to provide them with a better life, a more complete life.

The thought of money and income are far from the minds of the practitioner to the point it almost feels a sin to accept payment for your service. As a result we avoid, discount, mismanage and eventually struggle with money.

In this workshop we will look money in the eye from ten paces, then five, then one. 

You will give money a chin scratch and realise that it’s not actually that scary after all, it’s just money.

You will learn about your own perceptions around money and whether they serve you or hinder you and your clients. The ultimate challenge in practice is survival and then success and money whether we like it or not lies at the root of it all. This is not about dangling the carrot of the Ferrari in front of you it is quite the opposite. It’s about integrity in your dealings with money, which means facing your fears as well.

You will leave this workshop with:

A clear understanding on how to set the right fees

Greater confidence dealing with charging clients

A clear picture of how to set a budget and stick to it

Greater control over money in their lives and their practice

 and a new perception on the golden elements that help your practice grow, so you can keep on doing what you love, helping your clients.

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Conscious that practitioners in the ‘alternative’ spectrum of health care are more at risk of failure in business than other healthcare modalities, Jeff was inspired to create Ethical Practice – an information-based business assisting the healthcare industry to develop with integrity. 

Jeff has been in private health practice since 1995, running a successful remedial massage, and then acupuncture clinic – from mobile, to renting a room from a multi-modality clinic, to running his own multi-practitioner natural therapy clinic. Jeff is a national and international presenter.

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