Play-based learning: Using the Pedagogical Play-Framework

Presenter: Susan Edwards
Cost: $38.50

Play-based learning is a cornerstone of early childhood education. In recent years the concept of intentional teaching has also become important in early childhood education. This webinar discusses a new approach to balancing open-ended play with intentional teaching using the Pedagogical Play-framework. The Pedagogical Play-framework argues that three main types of play-based learning, including open-ended, modelled and purposefully-planned play can be used by children in multiple combinations to support young children’s learning.

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Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards is a Professor in Early Childhood Education at the Australian Catholic University, Learning Sciences Institute of Australia. Her research investigates the role of play-based learning in the early childhood curriculum. 

Professor Edwards has completed work as a lead Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (2009-2012) titled ‘Examining play-based approaches to teaching and learning in early childhood education and care’. She is currently working as a Chief Investigator on two new Australian Research Council Discovery Grants (2014-2016; 2015-2017) investigating the role of play-based pedagogies in the provision of obesity and sustainability education in early childhood, and leading a project examining the use of digital technologies in the early years. Susan has over 70 publications in peer reviewed journals, and has published several books with publishers including Cambridge University Press, McMillan and Open University Press. Her most recent book is the SAGE International Handbook of Play and Learning in Early Childhood Education co-edited with Liz Brooker and Mindy Blaise. Susan is also currently co-editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education with Associate Professor Joce Nuttall.

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